Reduce Hair loss 2019

Reduce Hair loss 2019


Reduce Hair loss 2019 1

How To Reduce Hair Loss 2019

Hairs are an integral part of our personality. Strong and thick hairs make us beautiful and attractive. However, our hairs are getting weak due to deficiency of vitamins and minerals.  The phenomenon of losing hair has become very common. People of all ages are experiencing this phenomenon.

There are numerous ways that make our hairs weak. First and foremost is our diet. We do not give preference to natural foods. Unhealthy intake inhibits the flow of vitamins and minerals to our body. Which promotes hair loss. Because our hairs need Vitamins, Amino Acids, Iron, Vitamin. Some people rely on junk foods and smoke which have an adverse impact on our hair health. It deprives our hairs of natural nutrients. We also use the shampoo which contains detrimental chemicals. It temporarily makes our hair shiny and black. After some time these chemicals cause hair loss.

Another main reason which causes hair loss is sleeping less and worrying. It can even cause whiteness of Hair. Taking too much stress affect our hair health. Women during and after their pregnancy tend to lose more hairs because they need more nutrients for the development of the child.

Fortunately, there is a way to repair the hairs. To prepare the lotion We take shampoo which does not contain the chemicals. We can also use yoghurt and egg as a shampoo,  and mix it with a half teaspoon of Coconut oil and Amla powder. And apply the paste on the hair. The Amla powder has Antioxidant which eliminates the hair weaknesses. It must be used for 7 days. It guarantees thick black and shiny hair. In Addition, Castor oil should also be used because it makes your hair stronger.

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