how to improve eyesight vision

How To Improve Eyesight Vision

How to Improve Eyesight

Improve your Eyesight Vision

Improve Your Eyesight Vision

The eye is an integral part of our body and plays a key role in every aspect of life. Almost 40% of the world’s population is suffering eye problem. Most of them feel eye weakness. Our eye works like a camera and it translates lights into images. When light reaches to the corner of our eyes it reflects lenses of our eyes and then the images are emanated on the retina of our eyes and afterwards, this image is transmitted to the brain by the optic nerve.  There are several factors that diminish our eyes vision. First and foremost, that deteriorates our eye is unhealthy eating habits. Because our eyes need nutrients to upkeep the eye health when there is the deficiency of nutrients that our eyes need we feel difficult to comprehend the images. Secondly, people also inherit weak eyesight from their parents as they age. Other factors such as, drinking Alcohol or excessive uses of lenses, spending more time with electronic devices, using expired eyes drops, rubbing eyes, putting on more makeup on eyes, not taking optimal sleep for very long time, hardcore smoker, drinking less water, studying under dim light and face cream that accidentally goes to our eyes. These have a detrimental impact on our eyes health


How To Improve Eye Sight Vision

Fortunately, there are ways which can heal the eyes. And u Can Improve your Eyesight Vision. Some natural fruits and vegetable have a profound impact on our eyes and possibly removes the spectacles. There are many success stories in which people changed their lifestyle and preferred healthy diet and improved their eyesight. Our eyes muscles need nutrients and fulfilling the requirement has a dramatic impact on eyes muscles.





Fennel Seeds 2019

Carrots 2019Almonds 2019

Take 50 grams of Almonds, Fennel Seeds and Rock Sugar and blend it in the mixer and prepare a powder. Take 1 teaspoon of powder with milk daily. Almonds contain vitamin A which strengthen the eyes and fennel seeds helps to improve vision. If this powder is taken for 2 weeks then it will have an incredible impact on our eyes. Carrot has Beta Carotene which is Vitamin A Which prevent eyes from night blindness and maintains eye cornea. It also cleanses our eyes. It can be taken as Salad or as a juice.


Rock Sugar 2019

Sweet Potatos 2019


Powder With Milk 2019

Watermelon Seeds 2019

Flax Seeds 2019

Sweet Potato also contains vitamin A It increases eye vision and upkeep eye muscles. Additionally, it Improves your EyeSight Vision And Protect us from Bacteria and Viruses. Other seeds which contain Anti Oxidants are very effective for our eyes such as pumpkin seeds, Watermelon seeds, Cucumber seeds and flax seeds.


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